As choir manager of the Monteverdi Choir from 1989 - 2001, I oversaw hundreds of auditions, as the choir's membership increased in line with its change in emphasis of repertoire. I heard every audition personally and, as such, had a clear impression of every person's voice. I knew before leaving the choir that it would be foolish to throw away this specialised knowledge and thus formed Apollo Voices, even though our first appearance, for Tony Palmer's acclaimed documentary on the music of John Adams (Hail Bop!), was as the Hail Bop Singers!

The demands of an ad-hoc, professional choir dictate that I book singers on a job by job basis and only if they are best suited to the requirements of each project. I never employ singers without first having heard them myself and, as an active professional for the last 27 years, I always keep my ear to the ground for new talent coming through the ranks. I have also been asked to cast many small solo roles in a variety of high profile Apollo Voices projects and my singers have always performed with great success.

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